hi, I'm Soledad Piana
UX | UI Designer
Passionate about creating amazing experiences for users in this digital world.

I emerged into UX/UI from Architecture, transforming my passion for making people happy into the interface universe.
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Connecting minds and hearts:
DN Connect

I ideated an app to connect female digital nomads around the world to a sisterhood of like minded people. Creating meaningful connections that travel with you to every new destination in their journey.

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photo by Priscilla du Preez on Unsplash
Rethinking Barcelona's
Bicing app

Bicing is an app by the Generalitat de Catalunya for the use of the bicicles that you can see all around this wonderful city. It's an awesome service, but it need some improvement.

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Bicing App
photo by Unsplash
Illustrating DN Connect

I worked on a set of illustrations to go along with the DN Connect App.
Connecting women is heart of the app.

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illustration by Soledad Piana
Web Design

Learning Code and creating the design for my portfolio was my mission. The result is this very website you are navigating

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Bicing App
photo by Unsplash
48hs Design Challenge:
Dinner Winner

Only 36 hours to complete an app design by myself? Challenge accepted!

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Dinner Winner App
photo by Unsplash
about me
UX/UI Design
.my present.

I'm a UX-UI Designer with a passion for user-centered design.

I pursued this discipline in search of opportunities to let my creativity flow into new technologies and facilitate the creation of beautiful journeys for users.
As part of my transformation and commitment to learning, I completed an intensive bootcamp at AllWomen Tech Barcelona.

.my past.

My background is in Architecture and have over four years of experience.

My premise was to create spaces that fitted both user and city needs, by researching and working on a variety of options and ideas.

Interiors are what I specialized in, initially working in home design and then moving into office and workspaces design.

.my skills.

+ UX Design:
Testing and researching to provide the best usability for Apps and Websites.

+ UI Design:
Creating the best interfase designs for your necessities.

+ Web Design & development:
Minimal Design, usable and simple for your customers to interact with.

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