Soledad Piana
UX/UI - Product designer

Creating my own portfolio

Design and development.


Creating and coding my own portfolio.This was my premise and what better time to learn how to do it that during a global pandemic while quarantined at home.

Web Design

Process: taming the code

I had some idea about HTML and CSS, youtube knowledge that is since I am a curious person and wanted to know every tangent of my new life as a UX/UI Designer.
This time I took the learning seriously, and with pen and paper, along with my computer, I signed for a couple of online courses to learn about them.

After I got the basics down it was really time to design a simple, yet functional portfolio and start developing the code and style.

Creating the Design

The design is pretty simple, I divided the information into groups and started creating the sections:
-Short about me

Though simple, I worked on several versions before reaching the final wireframe.
Responsiveness was very important to me, that's why I used Bootstrap as my Framework to create a responsive site.

Final Draft & Feedback

Once the first defined draft was done, I created the domain and used Github as my repository service, and just like that, I was live!
I reached out to a couple of my old teachers and had them take a look at it.

After the feedback, I made some updates and here we are.

Web Design


The project was not easy, it took me about two months in total to learn, design and put it together, working every afternoon after my office hours were over and on the weekends, but it was worth it.

New skill unlocked!

Although that first version is no longer live, it was really worth it to understand how it works and defy myself!