About me

After working for 5+ years as an Architect, I decided I needed something new. Knowing that design is what I love to do, ever since I was a child, this new career path had to be about design as well.

Boom! Enter UX/UI, I discovered it and fell in love. I started studying it and, although full with new terms and tools to dominate, the essence feels close to home.

Design is design, no matter what you are designing.

A house or an interface, the way of getting to the best resolution is the same, and that's my favourite thing.

What am I currently doing?

After working in a variety of companies and products, specializing in complex Saas B2B services I'm now leading the UX/UI of FlexDatabases, which wants to update and improve its product, as its first designer. Sounds like a big challenge? Yes, it is.

This is what I am up to:

  • As the first UX Designer in the company, I educate the team on the importance of UX, the difference with UI and its impact on business.

  • Aware of the impact good design can have on the product, I have conversations with high-level executives of the company to delineate the current state of the art and the work that will imply each update.

  • Established new processes for approaching new features and conducted an audit of the product to identify critical improvements and redesigns.

  • Created the Design System and established design standards and principles for scalability, efficiency, and consistency.

  • Designed a standardized way of structuring the Figma files, improving collaboration between peers and registering all the stages of the design process, iterations and final screens.

  • I’m a mentor, we incorporated a trainee to join my team-of-one to share and teach about UX principles and how to apply them to the product.

UX Outside 9 to 5

Spreading the word

I love decoding the IT world to everyone, that's why I'm always on the look for events and articles where I can read all about it.

Besides learning from it, as part of the AllWomen Alumni, I really enjoy participating in talks and masterclasses.

How to shift to a career in UX/UI Design

I participated in a talk organized by AllWomen with colleagues to share our journey and experience, from making the decision to study to applying this new knowledge in our work lives.

Watch it here :)

UX/UI Portfolio - Ideation & Creation

In this opportunity, I teamed up with a college to give all the tips and tricks to overcoming the white canvas fear and sharing all the secrets to creating a great first U/UI Portfolio.

Watch the replay here :)

Medium Channel

User journey: keys into an effective mapping

After participating in Diana Militano`s amazing Masterclass, I wrote an article about it in Medium.

Read it here :)

What I do when I'm not working

When I'm not working you can find me enjoying a coffee and a good book, at the beach or just designing again!

Yes, design is the core and I keep on doing it at my spare time, whether it is DIYing something for my home or daydreaming about new possibilities :)